Facts! Not Words.

It is so beautiful that it could be in a Triumph shop window and nobody should say anything. 

Minimal, chic, retrò. Avantegardist and futurist, but also elegant and damned stylish. 

As the beautiful in absolute is reduced to an abstract concept so much personal and escaping, so this "Special" avoids to any term that can define it and circumscribe it in a single word. 

The job is so cured and deepened, as well in esthetic as how much in dynamics, that it could calmly exit from the Triumph assembly line of Hinckley in the Leicestershire. 

The respect for the English style is obvious in every detail, studied and adapted in order to return the Scrambler unique, but always equal to itself. 

Searched, elaborated, lightened, but above all personalized following a definitely persuasive style, sober and perfectly “british”, the Scrambler today has a more exclusive spirit ... 

Claudio Galiena

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